Warmup Waterproofed Shower Systems – with Peter Wolfkamp

Resident Builder Peter Wolfkamp speaks with Levi Davis, Managing Director of Warmup Auckland & North Shore about the importance of waterproofing and insulation for your bathroom. Levi gives a brief breakdown of the process followed by Warmup for all installations.   View our Waterproofed Shower Systems for further information.

Having a warmup waterproofed shower system is not only helpful and efficient, but it also brings in front great potential. This is something that Peter Wolfkamp covers in this video. He shows exactly how you can renovate a bathroom and bring more value into it. More often than not, we focus on design-related tasks, but the truth is that functionality is what matters. That’s especially true when it comes to bathroom waterproofing. Making sure that your bathroom is waterproofed and you don’t have water leaking all the time is a crucial thing, and it can indeed make a huge difference. You always want to protect yourself from any problems, and doing that can help you more than you might expect. Even the simplest things can do wonders.

And that’s why Peter Wolfkamp touches on the idea of bathroom waterproofing and how important it is to waterproof your bathroom with the right materials. Not only will it work great in the long run, but your bathroom will maintain its great features too. It’s certainly something great to focus on, and the benefits can shine. It’s definitely important to take care of your bathroom in the long run, and these tips from Peter Wolfkamp can definitely help.

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