Inscreed Heating

Stay cozy from the ground up with inscreed heating

The Warmup Inscreed Heating System for Ceramic Tiles, Marble, and Granite

Warmup Inscreed Heating is specifically designed for use under ceramic tiles, marble or granite. It is a system of low-temperature electric radiant elements laid directly under the floor covering, delivering extremely luxurious, efficient and effective heating.

The Warmup Inscreed Heating element comprises of double insulated multi-stranded resistance wires, incorporating a copper braided earth. The element has a total diameter of 6.00mm.

The heating element is laid (evenly spaced) directly on top of the floor to be tiled and then covered with a specially formulated protective thermal screed. The screed is designed to cope with for the thermal expansion and contraction that occurs with floor heating. It offers a perfect substrate for tiles and when used in conjunction with a flexible tile adhesive, will remain stable under tiles over virtually any substrate (including wooden floors) for years to come. Our installation will add approximately 8.00mm to your floor height. Proximity to the tiled surface results in significantly increased response time in comparison with other infloor heating systems. As such, maximum efficiency can be achieved by control with a floor sensing thermostat.

Inscreed heating can be used as either background heating to remove the chill of tiles, or in conjunction with carpet heating (or other forms of heating) as a primary heat source for homes.

No worries

With all features completely hidden, there’s no threat to prying little fingers! Our heating elements and controls are approved and certified to Australia and international standards. Our heating elements come with a 10-year warranty.

The running costs are comparable to (often less than) heat pumps. These heating elements use 1250 – 3000 watts, depending on the size of the room.

Stay In Control

Once installed, select the thermostat best suited to your needs and allow the technician to assist you with setting it up.

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