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General information about your warranty

When it is installed, tested and signed off by an authorised Warmup installer, your UNDERTILE HEATER is warranted for the LIFETIME of the floor covering under which it is fitted, except where the exclusions listed below apply.

  • You will need to provide us with proof of your purchase to be able to take advantage of our Lifetime Warranty. It is therefore important that you keep written proof of your purchase.
  • If you are the first owner or occupier of a property where a Warmup undertile heater is installed, our warranty will be automatically transferable to you from the developer or builder of your property.
  • If you are not the first owner or occupier of the property, our Warmup Lifetime Warranty may be transferable at the discretion of Warmup to a new owner of the residence in which the heater is installed, on written application by you to Warmup.
  • Nothing in this Lifetime Warranty is intended to affect your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act or any other law in Australia extending any product warranties or protections to you.
  • Before your floor covering is installed, you must make sure that your Warmup installer checks and confirms to you that your undertile heater is working.
  • You must have 5 -10 spare tiles available to use in case we need to remove any of your tiles to make a repair.
  • Warmup thermostats installed with your heater are guaranteed against manufacturing faults for (5) five years.


If this warranty applies Warmup will:

  • Repair or replace your heater free of charge. Repair or replacement will be at Warmup’s discretion.
  • Meet the cost of the repair or replacement of your heater.
  • Meet the cost of lifting and replacing the tiles we need to lift and replace to make our repair. We will use your spare tiles, so long as you have kept sufficient spare tiles for us to do so.


This lifetime warranty applies only if:

  • Your heater is installed, tested and signed off by an authorised Warmup installer.
  • Your heater purchase is registered with Warmup within 30 days after purchase. (Registration can be completed by filling out the warranty card enclosed with your heater and posting it to Warmup).
  • You provide us with written proof of your purchase, and your account with your installer is fully paid up.
  • Your heater has been earthed and protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD) at all times.
  • You are the original purchaser of the heater and remain the owner of the residence in which it is installed. (Unless you provide us with written proof of Warmup’s approval of the transfer of the warranty to you).
  • The floor covering over the heater has not been damaged, lifted, replaced, repaired or covered with subsequent layers of flooring.


Warmup is not responsible for:

  • Damage done or repairs required as a consequence of the faulty installation or application of your heater.
  • Damage done as a result of environmental factors affecting your heater which are beyond Warmup’s control.
  • Use of components or accessories which are not compatible with your heater. Heating units installed outside Australia.
  • Normal maintenance as described in our installation and operating manual. Parts not supplied or specified by Warmup.
  • Damage done or repairs required as a result of any improper use, maintenance, operation or servicing of your heater.
  • Failure to start due to interruption of or inadequate electrical supply.
  • Changes in the appearance of your heater or accessories that do not affect their performance. Incidental or consequential damage of any kind, including, but not limited, to costs or expenses resulting from damage to any property.

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