Take the test – Is your Asthma under control?

When we are not dealing with seasonal allergies such as hayfever, we are fighting the ongoing battle against asthma. Whilst surrounded by natural beauty and generous levels of rainfall, it does unfortunately come at a price. These are perfect conditions to create and retain moisture in the air. Perfect ingredients to attract mould and various fungi into our homes, which if untreated, will trigger asthma. Is your Asthma under control?

We may not be able to cure it, but we can certainly try to do our part by ensuring kiwi homes retain as little moisture as possible. With the latest in technology, Warmup’s radiant underfloor heating solution does just that.  It’s quite logical really!

Based on the principle that ‘hot air rises’, it would make logical sense to have your heat source come from the floor and not from a wall as an example.  By warming from the floor, the heat will rise and fill the entire room.  As this is radiant heat, no moisture is omitted during the heating process, which means that this gentle rise in heat will inevitably dry and eliminate all the moisture in your home.  Ensure your flooring is also waterproof and that proper insulation has been used to prevent any further moisture problems.

Unlike conventional heating solutions, radiant heating systems cannot blow dust and other unhealthy particles throughout your home.

Why radiant heating?

  • Radiant heating systems reduce your overall fuel consumption and can save you between 10 to 50% on your heating bill.
  • Full and even surface warmth rather than isolated heating units.
  • Where conventional heating systems rely on a higher and fluctuating temperature to deliver heat to the air, radiant heating systems deliver radiant heat to you and your home at a lower temperature allowing steady heat flow and constant comfort.
  • Using programmable thermostats gives you full control over when, where and how long you need your heat turned on.

This invisible heat source is not to be seen, but rather to be felt.  Not only will you have a noticeably warmer home, but a cleaner and healthier home too.

Less fuel consumption, lower temperature requirement, steady flow of heat distribution, fewer dollars wasted, and a healthier and cleaner home. It’s time to eliminate the moisture problem and reduce the chances of getting asthma.

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