The Moderno Carbon Infrared heater by Tranquillity is the only heater I’ll ever need!

I’m a home-based cabinet maker and spend long hours in my small indoor workshop, but it’s always too cold when the winter sets in. I’ve tried different heating appliances like portable electric heaters and gas heaters, but they would always end up getting in the way and I wasn’t too convinced about their safety in my work environment.

At one of the electric shops, I was recommended to get a Moderno carbon infrared heater by Tranqullity. I decided to give it a go as it had great feedback and I liked the design, too. I mounted it high up on a wall so it wouldn’t interfere with my workspace and I noticed a huge difference from day one. No more cold spots in the workshop and no more cables getting in the way! This has really made a world of difference in how comfortable I feel in my workshop.

After using it for a few days, I was so impressed with this carbon infrared heater that I bought another one for a small patio I have at the back of my property. My wife and I like to spend some time there in the evenings after dinner, reading, having a glass of wine, and sometimes entertaining friends, but we can only do that for part of the year as we live in South Island. It’s been great being able to enjoy quality time outdoors even when the weather is cold. The patio is small, so I was looking for a compact outdoor heater, and this fit the bill perfectly. It’s definitely the only carbon infrared heater I’ll ever need!

Tom K. 

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