Underfloor heating installation in tiny houses

Warmup has worked on all sorts of projects – big and small apartment buildings, private houses – both new builds and renovated ones, hotels and retirement villages, and now we can also add tiny houses to our project portfolio. Absolute Tiny Houses build amazing tiny houses, portable cabins, workshops, sleepouts, etc.

Project description

The job was to install underfloor heating in a portable house. There are a few reasons why the client chose this type of heating. In such small buildings, every inch of space has to be organised cleverly. Saving space is crucial.  Underfloor heating is a constant, reliable and completely controllable source of heat that takes no space at all and is safe to use. Moreover, underfloor heating is economical and energy-efficient which is very important for small builds. It’s not fair to get huge power bills for such small houses. In addition, heated floors create a luxurious comfort yet don’t cost a fortune to install and run.

Underfloor heating installation

On top of the timber subfloor, a Warmup specialist put Marmox insulation boards. This needs to be done to make the heating more efficient and to save money on running costs.

After that, the heating wire was installed. The whole floor area (apart from the areas where the furniture and appliances will be installed) needs to be equally covered with the wire to avoid cold spots.

After the wire was installed, the Warmup guy put a levelling compound to seal the wire and to make the floor perfectly even.

It takes 24 hours to cure. After that, the laminate floor was installed by Absolute Tiny Houses.

The heating can be turned on or off on demand and the temperature can be controlled with a Warmup thermostat.

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